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Trapattoni still hopeful Dunne will be ready

Giovanni Trapattoni will offer fervent prayers for the well-being of Richard Dunne's shoulder in the next few days despite optimistic comments claiming he will be fit.

But while the Ireland boss is adamant that Dunne could play today if he had to, his players are less certain, a sentiment which is closer to the Villa Park physio team's position.

"Hopefully Robbie will be okay, touch wood, and we will maybe get Richard back," said Liam Lawrence reflecting a general unease about Dunne's fate.

Trapattoni brushed aside suggestions that Dunne's problems at Villa are a reflection of a wider issue with alcohol within his squad.

"I am not worried about this. Players in England are under a lot of pressure, not just Richard Dunne.

"It's normal, but it's important also that everything is done in moderation," said Trap.

"I don't mind if they go for a couple of drinks because they have got to let off some steam. I have seen no problem with Dunne. I only look at what he does when he is with us."