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Trapattoni slams claims Ireland fluked result

BULLISH Giovanni Trapattoni has rejected suggestions that luck more than organisation was the deciding factor in securing a Euro 2012 play-off.

"Thank God we are lucky. Napoleon chose his generals because they were lucky. I have won many leagues and many championships. It's good that I'm lucky. Maybe the FAI choose me because I'm lucky, not because of my wins in the past.”

Trap believes that Ireland fans, who turned up in significant numbers at the Aviva last night, will forgive the fact that the team has not delivered a performance in many matches.

“I know the fans are a little disappointed but they are happy with the result.”

He also insisted he was not offended by the fact that the FAI has told him he must wait until the play-off result before they will hold talks about a new deal.

“No, I am not offended, I don't want to wear John Delaney's shoes. But I think we deserve more time. This is not my last campaign. If it is here, great. But I am not finished.”