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Trapattoni reveals Darron's 'disappointment'

GIOVANNI TRAPATTONI has shrugged aside Darron Gibson's decision to snub him and will rely on his squad to fill the gap: "We have other players, we have a squad."

Trapattoni explained that he had spoken at length to Gibson and offered him the chance to play a big part in the Brazil 2014 qualifying campaign.

"I spoke a long time with him to clarify the situation. I'm sure he's sincere. He said to me that he could have pretended to have an injury but he preferred to clarify the situation," claimed Trap.

"He explained to me his disappointment. I understood. I repeated that we are all disappointed after the Euro. But defeats offer new opportunities. We must be proud to start this new campaign.

"We must look for revenge. In my life, if I hadn't been able to handle disappointment I wouldn't have played football. We have to get over this situation."

But then Trapattoni left everyone in no doubt about what he thinks of Gibson when he dismissed his career to date, and asked: "How many times he play. He no play."


"Do you know how many times we picked him when he didn't play at Manchester United? He must want to be with Ireland, because he continues to play with Everton.

"He must show the manager that he has the quality. He could have grown in this campaign.

"If there are players who don't come, we build the other team. He has to decide what he wants to do. As long as he shows a willingness to come, for us there is no problem.

"But if Darron wishes to come in again, we think about him on the basis of whether he is playing well or not.

"We can choose from the likes of him, Meyler, Fahey, Wilson, McCarthy. And Andrews will be coming back.

"In the past we were afraid when we were missing players. But we have a squad now."