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Trapattoni puts boot into stars that don't read from the script

GIOVANNI Trapattoni didn't mince his words when he chose to publicly criticise unnamed players in his squad who -- for one reason or another --are not yet tuned into his message.

"There are those in the selection who say 'I stay at home, my son is ill, I stay at home'. I don't need these players," said Trapattoni.

That would appear to signal the beginning of a spell in the wilderness for Darron Gibson until Trapattoni passes by. And the manager didn't stop there.

Asked why his players are still making simple mistakes three years after he embarked on his programme of re-education, he seethed with frustration and came out of his seat.

"Against Norway the wall did not jump. Only two players jumped, the others did not.

"Maybe the ball would have been deflected and then it would not have been a goal," said Trap, miming for Ireland.

"They knew, they knew, I told them.

"I said before that the children from southern Italy or Napoli, they are not smarter but we pay attention to every little detail and situation.


"There are many situations that determine the game.

"That is an example. The first question I said to Shay was 'the wall, did it jump?'

"I saw the DVD. My impression on the pitch was that the spring was not enough. If the wall had jumped, maybe no goal.

"There is another player. I said to him 'why do you turn away after you've passed the ball?'

"It is not a shooting star. He has a habit of passing the ball and then turning and wandering away.

"I said to him, 'pass the ball and go or you don't see the ball again'. I said when you pass the ball you can go on again and get it back.

"It is the little detail that determines the goals. We lost the qualifier against Italy from a throw in. In the last minute, Kilbane must stay in our box. That is the little detail."

Trapattoni did have many positive things to say about the year and pointed to Greg Cunningham, Keith Fahey and Shane Long as the main success stories.

"I think we discover that we have eight or nine new players who can play. I think this year was positive because we discover and speak about (Seamus) Coleman, (Jonathan) Walters, Fahey and Cunningham.

"The new players have potential and Long is playing more than three months with his club.

"This is important."