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Trap trusts stars to follow curfew

GIOVANNI TRAPATTONI is adamant that there will be no straying from the righteous path when Ireland's players settle into their team base in Sopot, surrounded by a throbbing seaside resort atmosphere.

Aware that Ireland last appearance at a major tournament finals ended in the biggest controversy in our football history and intent on imposing an iron discipline, Trap will be watching his men closely.

"There will not be any chance of anyone coming or going from the hotel, they willl be monitored. The players, I am sure they are responsible."

"First time, in Mainz, something happened, not like Japan but...I gave them time, beer, and I said okay the last one and then again, okay the last. We had a game on Wednesday and I said, that's it."

"One or two paid the price," said Trap, clearly referring to Andy Reid. "Maybe one, two or three had a habit. But not now. They won't bertray us," he said, placing his trust in his players.