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Trap puts a lid on hype surrounding Armenia’s form

GIOVANNI Trapattoni has pointed to the past as inspiration for his players when they face Armenia and given them a phrase to follow: "Armenia are not Brazil or France."

Anxious to pitch the threat posed by the form team in Group B in the right way, Trapattoni underlined recent results achieved against superior teams.

“Armenia have superior technique perhaps, but we beat Italy and drew with Croatia. We must continue to believe we are good enough,” he said.

“They have many creative players and many young players.

“They have three or four very strong attacking players this is a team which is improving all the time.”

Trapattoni also warned about the possibility that Ireland might overestimate Armenia and read too much into recent results.

“My scout said Macedonia's approach to the game seemed like they were playing in a friendly game.

“Personally, I did not see them as a threat but after we played them, I thought that yes, they are a danger.”

“But this is the game. The next fixture is the most (important) and we must repeat and it and the players must say it to themselves.”

Trapattoni excused a poor second-half performance in Andorra, although he did fire off as few broadsides in the dressing room at half-time.”

“I was a little bit angry at half-time. I thought we were underestimating the opponent and we were playing |a bit like in training,” he explained.

Trapattoni is keen that as many fans as possible turn up at the Aviva with so much at stake, although he accepts that the economic situation is a problem for many.

“The fans are fantastic,” he said. “The work they do for us in the stands is great. The players feel the atmosphere is very important for strength and morale.

“I hope they do come to support us. They are our 12th man but there is a specific economic situation at the moment and we have to live with it.”