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Trap: I don't want to speak about Foley anymore

WHEN the dam finally burst, it was no surprise that Kevin Foley's exclusion from the Ireland's Euro 2012 adventure was the cause of Giovanni Trapattoni's first big blow-up in Montecatini.

Surrounded by sweetness, light and his own compatriots, Trapattoni's preparations have been untroubled by any controversy since the first group of players gathered in Portmarnock two weeks ago.

But the Foley affair has got under his skin and was very quick to snap back at hacks looking for more detail on how and why the 27-year-old defender was let go.

"It's about responsibility! Responsibility! I have to pick one player or the other. That is responsibility, for the team and for the country. If there is another injury what will you say then. What words?

"I said also to Foley if you want to, stay with us. Because there is also Hungary and, I hope no, but maybe we have the same situation. Richard Dunne is now better but we are not sure about O'Shea.

"If he wishes to come back, yes he can," said Trapattoni. "I said to him before if you want to stay with us.

"I speak bad English but I spoke with him, I give him the regards, I say Kevin if you stay I am very, very happy. I understood your disappointment, I understood you are sad but I was even sadder than you to have to make that decision.

"But I am the man with heavy responsibility -- with you, and with the nation."

Trapattoni claims he would welcome Foley back next season if he changes his mind.

"At this moment I don't know. Maybe in August, yes or no."


Trap put a call into Marc Wilson to place him on standby, but the Stoke City utility man appears to be off the radar at the moment.

"What do you think? We sleep or no sleep? I sleep until start of Euros? After 30 years of career? We are not on holidays. Maybe he's still in bed. No problem," added Trapattoni.

"I don't want to speak about this anymore. That is finished. Do you want to speak about happened now on the training pitch? What happened now is I saw the team very well, very fast."