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Trap delivers good news on Dunne's comeback

GIOVANNI Trapattoni has been in constant touch with Richard Dunne over the last few weeks, and if anyone was holding their breath waiting for good news, they can exhale now.

"I was in touch with him and he said, 'Mister, I am well, I am confident I play maybe the last game in April for Aston Villa.' He answered me this on Monday. Every two or three days I call him," said Trapattoni.

Dunne's well-being after he broke his collarbone has been the main worry for everyone who supports Ireland, and the possibility that he will be playing again in a few weeks is really hopeful news.

His target is Aston Villa's fixture with West Brom on April 28, which would allow him two further fixtures to test his shoulder.

It took Shay Given some time to fully adjust when he was recovering from operations on both shoulders but, as an outfield player, Dunne should have less difficulty.

Trapattoni has also been busy in front of his television with a myriad of DVDs and his main focus for a few weeks has been Norwich, Sunderland and Wigan.


"All the days I look at Norwich, Wigan and Sunderland and they play well. He goes always now with confidence, James McClean.

"Yes, he scored and plays well. And also (James) McCarthy. I have 50 DVD!" laughed Trap.

After previous comments which stated quite clearly that McClean would not make the Euro 2012 squad, Trap was more circumspect this time.

"It's a pity that I have to leave one or two options out at this moment," he said. "I am sorry because it is my duty to choose.

"I am sure they deserve to come. Not 23, at this moment 28 deserve to come. For me it will be disappointing and I am sorry but it is my duty to choose this 23, that is our job."

Under the biggest threat of losing out if McClean does make the flight is Stephen Hunt, currently suffering badly with Wolves.

Trapattoni will do his best to lift Ireland's Molineux contingent but that won't be an easy job.

"They are last in the table but we can give them enthusiasm," he said. "Maybe they will return to us a little bit disappointed.

"But we have different possibilities, sure, and they must believe us and in our system and mentality. It is another team and another situation."