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Trap admits he 'ignored' Hoolahan


Wesley Hoolahan, Republic of Ireland. Picture: David Maher/SPORTSFILE

Wesley Hoolahan, Republic of Ireland. Picture: David Maher/SPORTSFILE

Wesley Hoolahan, Republic of Ireland. Picture: David Maher/SPORTSFILE

GIOVANNI TRAPATTONI has admitted that he "ignored" Wes Hoolahan for too long and should have called him up earlier.

Questioned about the positive impact Hoolahan has had on Ireland and the fact that he is only now getting the recognition he has earned, Trapattoni said: "When you asked me before I said Hoolahan's age is 30 years old and we are starting the new generation for the next season.

"I said also that maybe I ignored him a bit."

Hoolahan is now all but certain to start against the Faroe Islands at the Aviva on Friday night, a remarkable about turn from Trapattoni.

He gave his players the day off yesterday and will keep his fingers crossed until they return.

Asked whether Richard Dunne would start against the Faroes, Trapattoni all but confirmed the selection but then gave a lesson in probability.

"Richard Dunne is 90pc to start. I give them the day off. I don't see them. I'm not a magician. When he come back I will call him and the others. Maybe two or three come back for the rest day off, drink beer, go with wife, they have an accident.

"I hope not. I can't say to you 100 per cent yes. I can only say 90 per cent."

He would only say the same about James McCarthy's chances of making the plane to New York for the friendly against Spain, but it would seem that the percentage chance is smaller than Trapattoni suggested.

"He (McCarthy) has a little bit pain or groin. They need rest as they play many games. But it is important for the list to say Dunne, O'Shea, McCarthy are going.

"If you accept the game, Spain against FAI, the Irish people in New York deserve respect," said Trap.



"Our players must understand this, it's only three days.

"We won the Italian championships in '82. Marco (Tardelli) and seven players come to NYC, Washington and visit George Bush and the White House.

"For us, it was eight days rest – the holiday – not 18 and then we started again with the Italian league and Cup.

"The FAI require commitment. I also have family. This is about educating behaviour and respect for Irish people who want to see not me or you, but the players.

"Irish people don't want to see us play the second team."