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The Viking with a heart of gold

ONE of the worst sights in football is that of a player being substituted throwing off his shirt is disgust. It has happened in schoolboy football. It wouldn't be Tony Grealish.

If ever a footballer played for the shirt, it was Tony. With his neat, little beard, they called him The Viking. And as Liam Brady said the other night, Tony would be the first man you'd call if you had to go to war.

With Tony, it was always about the team. Sometimes a player is unhappy when he's taken off. The slow, sullen walk to the sideline tells everything.

If Tony was substituted, he'd sprint to the line, hoping that his replacement could do something more for the team. He'd be disappointed with the decision. Of course he would, but he'd never show it. Champions never do.

Some players think everything revolves around them. Tony Grealish wasn't in that dubious 11. He viewed the jersey as a privilege. Nobody felt more pride in the wearing of the green.

Broadford Rovers look to the future

IT will be an all-German Champions League final. Little steps led to the big day. German football changed its coaching structure some years ago.

They were looking at the big picture. And now Wembley awaits a local derby... far away from home.

Broadford boss John Norton is also looking into the future. He's managing the Rovers 10C1 Saturday side.

"We do not encourage the goalkeeper to kick the ball down the pitch," reveals John. "Consequently, the majority of the game is played in our half and we concede a lot of goals.

"The results haven't gone our way. Some of the boys get frustrated, but we keep on encouraging them to play in the right manner.

"I am not concerned with results. The players have improved so much. It's lovely to see the way they play. And we have been getting plenty of compliments from the spectators and referees."

May spectacular for cup deciders

MAY is red-carpet month. Cup finals galore. THE AUL will house the DDSL spectacular.

And then after that, the SFAI finals move a new venue, Home Farm, following some golden years at Jackson Park.

Whitehall is looking splendid these days with its new stand and dressing-rooms. The players and the crowds will enjoy the home comforts.

A little programme with numbered team lists would also enhance the occasion. It's something that the players would keep forever.

niall scully