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Tevez a perfect fit for kenny

CARLOS Tevez at Anfield? Great idea. If it can be done now or later, I wouldn't hesitate for a second if I was Kenny Dalglish.

The club have poured cold water on the notion, but it would make a great story and I can just imagine the reception he would get from the Kop, particularly now that they have just watched Liverpool bury the Cup ambition of both sides of Manchester.

Heady stuff for Liverpool fans, but let's just calm down for a while and not rush into snap judgements on what this all means.

It will be very interesting to see how Liverpool perform against Wolves in a few days time and I think that will give a better indication about the impact of the 3-1 defeat to Bolton.

When Dalglish took his players to task in the media after that game, it was a watered down version of the message he gave them in person.

In my day, a result like that was met head on and everyone had their say, often in the dressing room straight after the game. I assume it's still the same. Training for the rest of the week reflected the scale of the poor performance.


I wondered about the response Dalglish would get and I must say, his players rose to meet the challenge he set them.

As a result, Liverpool have had a fantastic couple of weeks, but for that to become a fantastic few months and ultimately a successful season, I'll want to see the same level of performance as we saw in the two games against Manchester City and Saturday's FA Cup win over Manchester United against Wolves.

This is the key to the message I'm certain Dalglish has been drumming home since the Bolton embarrassment.

The expectation at Anfield must be that players perform at or close to their best all the time. No club had ever been successful without that level of dedication and commitment and, obviously, Dalglish has had to work hard to impose his will.

He will have to work even harder in the coming weeks to keep his players on message. There's a major run of big games coming up now and that will be a true test of how far he has brought this squad.

After Wolves tomorrow night, it's Spurs next Monday followed by Manchester United again, a Mersey derby and the Carling Cup final against Cardiff -- all in quick succession.

That's a series of games which will expose weaknesses as much as strengths and it should be noted at this point that Liverpool have not won anything yet, which brings me back to Senor Tevez and speculation about an approach from Liverpool for the Manchester City black sheep, with Andy Carroll going in the other direction.

The best thing for me about such a deal is that Dalglish would find a way to move Carroll on as well as grabbing a 20 goals a season striker.

Imagine how motivated Tevez would be to join a club with supporters who despise Manchester United as much as he does.

Tevez now has a beef with the entire city of Manchester and I've no doubt he was watching the way Luis Suarez was treated by Dalglish during the last few months and liked what he saw.

He has strange ideas about the world, Tevez, and clearly sees himself as a man who has been poorly dealt with by both Alex Ferguson and Roberto Mancini.

Dalglish hedged it when he was asked about Tevez, but I think his remark about Craig Bellamy and how he would gladly accept more like him gave us a hint that maybe there is something in the story.

Bellamy, of course, has spent time in Tevez's company and if memory serves me well, they had something of a mutual admiration society going at Eastlands.


Look, I know Tevez is trouble and from what the newspapers in England have been saying, City have no interest in Carroll so Dalglish would have to spend big to get him.

But there is no doubt at all that Liverpool need strikers and if there is a better one than Tevez in the market at the moment, I'd be surprised.

Ferguson could do with Tevez right now too, there's no doubt about that.

Manchester United are not in great shape and to lose to Liverpool the way they did will have hurt badly.

To lose again to Dalglish in two weeks' time might just end Ferguson's title hopes, especially if Manchester United falter against Stoke and Chelsea in between.