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Taskforce on way set up to implement reforms

FIFA is to set up an 11-man taskforce to propose reforms aimed at cleaning itself up after a series of scandals, soccer's governing body said yesterday.

FIFA said the proposals for reform included "centralised integrity checks for Executive Committee members, the introduction of term limits, higher standards of governance at all levels of football structures."

The task force would present its conclusions to the executive committee in September, and this in turn would suggest reforms to FIFA's Congress which has the power to alter the federation's statutes.

FIFA has been under pressure to carry out reforms following a series of scandals over the past few years.

Meanwhile, a group campaigning for reform of world soccer's governing body FIFA have called for former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan to be put in charge of an independent reform commission.

"We are calling for Kofi Annan to come into this mess and take control of the reform process," Jaimie Fuller, a co-founder of "New FIFA Now", told a Zurich news conference.