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Suarez to demand apology from Evra

LIVERPOOL striker Luis Suarez will demand an apology from Manchester United's Patrice Evra should the French defender's racism claims prove to be unfounded.

The Uruguay striker says Evra's allegations are not supported by his United team-mates and they are "surprised" by his reaction.

The English Football Association is still investigating the accusations, which date back to United's visit to Anfield on October 15. A decision on whether to pursue charges is expected later in the week and Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish is eager for the saga to be resolved swiftly.

Suarez has returned to Uruguay for a World Cup qualifier with Chile, but has spoken out about the ongoing feud with Evra and has claimed the French defender cannot back up his claims with witnesses or supporting evidence.

"The FA will have to clear it up with him, because there is no proof at all that I have said anything racist," said Suarez. "I didn't say anything like that to him. There are things that happen in football, all in the moment, that leave one feeling bad. Now we have to wait to see this issue decided and then the Manchester player and I will have to clear things up. Depending on who ends up in the wrong, one of us will have to apologise.

"There were two sides of our discussion, one in Spanish and one in English. I didn't insult him, it was just my way of expressing myself. I called him something that his own Manchester United players call him."

The English FA met Suarez last week, having earlier discussed the incident with Evra, and is now considering if there is sufficient evidence to charge the player.