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Strachan aim not just a point


GORDON Strachan (pictured) will send out his team to look for the three points he believes Scotland are good enough to take from their visit to the Aviva Stadium tonight.

"I've never been involved with a team that has gone out looking for a draw," he stressed. "Certainly no team that I've managed has. A draw could turn out a good result for us but we don't know what number of points will be needed to qualify. It will be an occasion but the main thing for us is to perform.

"The best thing for building team spirit is not nights out or golf days - it's celebrating wins. We're feeling good to a certain extent but wary that it can go at any time," he said.

"A lot of work has gone on off the field but the players will determine the outcome tomorrow.

"Ireland have enjoyed a terrific year too, they've dug out some great results, so that means we'll have two sets of supporters expecting to win."

Strachan dismissed the suggestion that Ireland without Aiden McGeady would present an easier challenge if the Everton winger fails to make it to the starting line.

"If I was to pick the Ireland team, most of them are Premier League players," he said.

"They're not short of good players. Ireland can lose two or three players and still put in a good performance.

"I don't think there's one player on either team that will affect the outcome. We don't have world-class players like Bale, Ronaldo or Messi - someone that can cause havoc - but there'll be two teams out there with good players aiming to win."