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Stephanie Roche's looking to score with English club


Stephanie Roche

Stephanie Roche

Stephanie Roche

Stephanie Roche is lining up a move to England, with two clubs seeking her signature following her release from US club Houston Dash last month.

The scorer of the world's second-best goal of 2014 said that after her US adventure ended in disappointment, she was now thinking of basing herself "closer to home".

The former Peamount United player said she had no regrets about her US experience.

She added that she understands her release from the Houston club was due to the team's need for more defenders.

"For me it was just a positional thing. They had to get defenders in because we were struggling at the back," she said.

"That's just the way it works. There's nothing I can do now, so I just have to move on from there."

Stephanie (25) described her whirlwind start to 2015 as "crazy", and added that she was now looking forward to a fresh start, most likely with a club across the Irish Sea.

"At the moment I'm thinking closer to home. I was in Boston last week. I enjoyed it, but having been in America and seeing how it works, I'm not sure I want to risk it again,"she said.

"So maybe England, or here even, just until I figure it out."

Stephanie also revealed that many of her new team-mates in Houston had "no idea" of her goal-scoring prowess or the fact she has rubbed shoulders with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Dubliner was yesterday unveiled as the new health and well-being ambassador for Sodexo Ireland, a services provider that also manages staff restaurants.