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Stadium chapel to hear Irish prayers

IT WAS a bout of political correctness that saw RTE stop referring to the daily toll of the bells at noon as ‘The Angelus’ and rename it ‘Pause For Prayer’.

But pause for prayer is just what Giovanni Trapattoni and his Ireland players may do in the final, crucial minutes before the mouth-watering Euro 2012 game against Spain here in Gdansk on June 14.

Between the home dressing room – Ireland are listed as the home side by UEFA for this game – and the tunnel leading out to the pitch, the stadium here hosts a small chapel, which is ready to go at a minute’s notice if a quick Mass is called for.

Trapattoni’s religious background is well known – his sister is a nun back in Italy and in his time as manager of the Italian national side, Trap was known to sprinkle holy water near the dugout in the hope of a dose of divine intervention.

The Irish players are not thought to be as fervent, but some of the squad – Damien Duff is one – are said to be religious and if they want to pop in and say a quick prayer to calm the mind before kick-off, stadium officials will have the chapel open and ready for use.