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Spurs accused of spying as police make an arrest

POLICE in London have made an arrest as part of an investigation into allegations that Tottenham Hotspur used private investigators to spy on board members of the Olympic Park Legacy Company, who were to decide the post-Games future of the 2012 stadium.

Earlier this year, West Ham United were chosen ahead of Tottenham as the tenants for the stadium in Stratford, but that deal collapsed last month in the face of legal challenges by Spurs and Leyton Orient and an anonymous complaint to the European Commission.

The latest twist in an increasingly bitter saga emerged yesterday, firstly, when Baroness Ford, chair of the OPLC, accused Spurs of putting all 14 board members under surveillance, and then hours later when the Metropolitan Police arrested and bailed a 29-year-old man in Sussex in connection with the claims.

Tottenham have vigorously denied Ford's claims, which were made when she appeared before the London Assembly yesterday to answer questions over the collapse of the West Ham deal.

Ford told the Assembly: "The thing that I have learned in the last 12 months is that there has been all kinds of behaviour. All kinds of things have happened. All 14 members of my board were placed under surveillance by Tottenham Hotspur... the chairman of Tottenham and London Metropolitan Police are investigating that."