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Spartak's hands off warning for Aiden

AIDEN McGEADY can allow himself a quite smile of satisfaction after his first few months in Moscow. Aston Villa are at the door and Andrei Kanchelskis has hailed him as the best player in Russia.

Most people believed that McGeady had made a huge blunder by following a massive contract to Moscow and ignoring other offers in the Premier League.

But after just a short stint with Spartak he has boosted his profile and if anything, is now an even more attractive option for Villa.

Speculation suggesting he was unhappy in the Russian League has been categorically denied by Dmitri Popov, Spartak's director of football.


"It is not true that he is unsettled in Moscow. No one has approached us from Villa yet but, if they do, our answer will definitely be a no," said Popov.

Former Manchester United winger Kanchelskis believes that McGeady is now one of the best in Russia and has been a revelation for Spartak.

"I've got to give McGeady a perfect score for his performances this year.

I'd give him 10 out of 10. There haven't been many better.

"I like his attitude. He's a winner, he doesn't give up on anything," he said.

"This is a quality that all top professionals needs, but not every talented footballer has it. McGeady has a typical British mentality -- a classic winger," added Kanchelskis who could do with a geography lesson.

"Before he came here people said he wasn't a team player but I can't agree with that. He plays 100 per cent for the team.

"It's now clear this is a player with a big, big future."