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Shane not fazed by Jose jibe at Baggies

SHANE LONG has responded to the alleged "Mickey Mouse" comments from Chelsea following last week's bad-tempered Premier League clash between the Blues and his West Brom side, claiming the Baggies are not a bad side if they are deemed to be "Mickey Mouse".

Those were the words reportedly used by Jose Mourinho about the Hawthorns club, though Long has declined to confirm or deny if he heard the phrase used by Mourinho.

"I don't want to get myself into trouble, so no comment on that one," he told the Herald. Long was a key player in the game as he scored his first goal for the club this season in a controversial 2-2 draw.

"But if we are a Mickey Mouse club, we still almost beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and should have beaten them. I don't know if that term was used about us, if it was said then it was in jest, so we won't get too offended by it.

"As a West Brom player, I am just disappointed that we only got a point as we could have got all three."