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Samir: 'I'm sorry to my club and family'


Ireland U-21 international Samir Carruthers

Ireland U-21 international Samir Carruthers

Ireland U-21 international Samir Carruthers

Former Ireland Under-21 midfielder Samir Carruthers has apologised for his behaviour at the Cheltenham Festival and said he had let down himself, his family and the club.

Cheltenham had earlier cancelled yesterday's booking by a group of footballers after pictures, which appeared to show one of the players urinating into a beer glass on the first day of the festival, were published.

The 22-year-old MK Dons player was photographed relieving himself on a balcony while surrounded by racegoers, said he had been discliplined by the club.

Carruthers said: "I just want to say I'm sorry to everyone, my family, the club, chairman, the gaffer. I've not been raised up to do something like that and I've let everyone down.

"I've let the community down and I've let Milton Keynes down and I have to take the criticism that comes with it.

"It's not something that should be laughed about. It's not an example I should be giving to kids either. I'm meant to be a role model and I have to live by my actions now and I really am hurt by what I've done.

"It was a silly mistake and I just have to take everything that comes with it."

Other images printed in The Sun appear to show a glass of liquid being poured over the railing by another man as Carruthers, wearing a grey flat cap and waistcoat, grins. Carruthers said he had been disciplined by the club following a meeting with chairman Pete Winkelman and manager Karl Robinson.

"They're obviously very let down and I'm being disciplined for it," Carruthers added.

"They had faith in me not to do something like that so I feel like I've met them down massively.

"But it's not just them, I've let down the whole team, my team-mates, everyone.

"And I'm really sorry to Cheltenham as well because they let me in and stuff and I obviously embarrassed everyone."

Several other footballers were also involved in the incident and Cheltenham cancelled the party's Wednesday booking, preventing them from attending day two of the Festival.

Cheltenham Racecourse tweeted: "In regards to images of inappropriate behaviour from yesterday, we have cancelled their booking for today."

Northampton have launched an investigation into the behaviour of striker James Collins, on loan from Shrewsbury.

While Bristol City defender Luke Ayling was pictured alongside Carruthers, with his arm around the Dons player at one point.