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Saints re-sign key players

ST Patrick's Athletic have strengthened their squad for next season by re-signing Gary Rogers and Conor Kenna.

The Saints have already lost some members of last season's squad, with David McAllister (Sheffield United) a significant departure. But the re-signing of keeper Rogers and defender Kenna is a major boost for the club.

"Pete Mahon knows the league well and if he can keep the players he wants to keep and bring in a few more players to freshen things up, then I'm sure we'll be a stronger outfit," said Rogers. "You would hope next season would lead to better things as I really feel the club needs to win something at this stage."

Kenna was also pleased to stay on at Richmond Park.

"I'm delighted to be playing for Pat's again in 2011. It shows that there was good spirit in the team when you see the players coming back," said Kenna, who had been linked with a move to champions Shamrock Rovers.

"We faded a little bit at the end of last season so if we can improve on that you never know what can be achieved.

"Pete did a great job last year in building the team and I am sure he will be looking to strengthen the team for the new season. He generally has a certain type of player in mind and he goes out after that type of player so I am sure he has a few in mind."