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Rumours of Toon rift are wrong – Pardew

ALAN PARDEW has blasted talk of a rift within the Newcastle camp as he attempts to guide the club out of relegation trouble.

The Magpies have adopted a siege mentality after last Saturday's 6-0 home humiliation, which left them fighting for their Premier League future.

Rumours of unrest within the dressing room have surfaced as Pardew and his beleaguered players attempted to regroup ahead of tomorrow's trip to Upton Park.

But Pardew came out fighting when he was asked about possible unrest.

He said: "As far as I am concerned, the group is very much together, pulling together trying to get a result.

"The fact that we have a lot of French players and some language difficulties has been torn up and made to be something else."

Asked if he had endured a difficult week, Pardew said: "Off the back of a difficult result, yes, very.

"A lot of criticism has come this way, some of it completely unfounded and left-field, as you would expect when you get a result like that.

"But we put a poor performance in on Saturday and we need to put that right. That's the most important thing."

Much of the criticism has been levelled at Newcastle's French players amid suggestions some of them do not understand the gravity of the club's plight.



However, Pardew said: "I just find that accusation insulting, if I am honest. If you think because some of our players are from a foreign country, they are not bothered, it's just ridiculous.

"Of course they are bothered. Our frustrations and our professionalism are on the line.

"But we have our destiny in our own hands, no-one else, and only we can put it right.

"We take a game-plan to a difficult place on Saturday. West Ham is a club that is going well and has got good assets, especially at home, and we need to deal with those and we need to bring our own game and get ourselves three points if we can."