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Roy: Yes I bought poorly

"Obviously, his knowledge of football, his hunger, his desire, his track record, the way his teams play, the way he comes across. Is that enough? I don't want to go overboard on him (laughs)."


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"I have no problem with opinions, that is all well and good. What I would say with anybody is I have made mistakes, and would I doubt my recruitment? Yes, I am the first to say my recruitment could have been better because your recruitment makes or breaks you anyway because if you buy bad players you end up with a bad bloody team and you end up with bad results."


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"Generally speaking, I am pretty sure I had a decent relationship with players I have managed, absolutely and if not I would be the first to say it. The lads I worked with in the Irish squad I have been their manager, people like Jon Walters, Paul McShane, young Meyler is not the in the squad, Reidy. There are lots of players. I hope we are quite okay with each other. There is not this tension or any sort of issues like that.


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"I have no problems with clubs not giving me an opportunity but I would say that some clubs should certainly have spoken to me over the last year or two. Not every job. But there's a few clubs I've looked at and went 'I think that would suit me, that would suit my personality'.


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"People say 'well, you didn't do . . .' I think I did okay at Sunderland. Even at Ipswich . . . we did okay. That's for another day. It's a long story.