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Rooney 'not on Bayern agenda'

BAYERN Munich have dismissed Wayne Rooney as a potential transfer target because he is too old.

Speculation has suggested that Rooney has been telling friends and family that he will be playing his football in the Bundesliga with Pep Guardiola next season, but Bayern managing director Matthias Sammer has other ideas.

"I don't know what Rooney would bring to the Bundesliga," said Sammer, who clearly believes that Rooney's best years are past.

"All I can say is that while we respect Wayne Rooney, there has been no contact with him and he is not on our agenda. Absolutely not."

Bayern are widely reported to have a pre-contract agreement with Manchester United target Robert Lewandowski, who will lead Borussia Dortmund's attack against them at Wembley in a few weeks.

After Sammer's fairly definitive words, Rooney may now have to look elsewhere for a bolthole or find a way to sort out his differences with Manchester United.

And David Moyes is keen to put the Rooney issue to bed as quickly as possible while offering hints that he wants the disgruntled striker to stay.

The latest rumours suggest that Rooney is now in full U-turn mode and will meet Moyes (left) more than halfway.

But if he was relying on a move to Munich to save his career, he is rapidly running out of options.

He may have to accept a new deal which will be a pale shadow of the wage he currently commands or try his luck at Stamford Bridge.