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Rodgers to Gerrard: You can take it or leave new deal

BRENDAN Rodgers has offered Steve Gerrard a reduced role at Anfield if he resists the lure of big bucks with New York Red Bulls and signs a new contract now on the table from LIverpool.

Speculation about a big offer for Gerrard from New York comes in the wake of Thierry Henry's announcement that he is leaving the Red Bulls.

But Rodgers still wants to keep him at Anfield, even in a lesser role by effectively taking away his captaincy.

"He's at the stage of his career where it's not so much the number of games he plays now, it's about the level of the game.

"That's something I'll always work with him and we'll look at," Rodgers said.

"No matter how good a player has been, once they're coming towards those final years of their career, then of course as a manager, you're having to taper that in where you think you can get the best out of the player.

"It is managing the period of life he is in. That's just purely the case of where we're at," he said, making it clear that Gerrard can expect more bench time.

"I see the talent every day and I just need to manage that and put it into the games where I think it can be the most effective.

"He will continue to be a key player for me and I am hoping we can get a contract sorted."