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Rodgers: Derby is going to be fierce as ever


Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers insists today's Merseyside derby will be as intense as ever.

The Reds manager does not believe that the preference of both teams for possession football will take any fire out of an encounter which has witnessed 20 red cards in 42 Premier League meetings.

"It is going to be a fiercely-competitive game," the Anfield chief insisted.

"It doesn't take the intensity out by having the football. The idea of having possession is to penetrate and have aggression in your game.

"A lot of our game is based on that aggressive nature. It won't take anything out of the game, it will only add to it."

Everton boss Roberto Martinez is confident his team can deal with Liverpool's fearsome forward pairing.

Strike duo Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge head into the game having scored 18 goals between them in all competitions.

But Martinez said: "They have had a very good start to the season, they are very influential in their team.

"From that partnership up front, they have got a real goalscoring threat.

"But as a team, you are always used to coping with threats of the opposition."