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Robbie Keane rules out Premier League loan deal return


LA Galaxy's Robbie Keane

LA Galaxy's Robbie Keane

LA Galaxy's Robbie Keane

ROBBIE Keane has turned down a flood of offers from goal hungry Premier League clubs to play on while LA Galaxy ease into their close season.

Medical advice and a long-term plan to play on well beyond the Euro 2016 finals has allowed Keane to resist the urge to dive straight into the frantic Christmas fixture programme.

"I've been asked to go on loan. I think you know me, better than anybody, after a few weeks I get the itch. I've got the itch now 100%. I was playing 5-a-side with mates 10 days after the Cup final," he laughed while speaking in Tallaght Stadium to launch the Shamrock Rovers v LA Galaxy friendly on February 21.

Asked whether Premier League clubs had been in touch, he said: "Some yeah, most yeah. And there's a temptation because I just love playing football. There's a temptation but I just can't see it happening to be honest with you. It's not going to happen.

"I've spoken to people and medically it wouldn't make any sense for me. It wouldn't probably be fair at this moment after what I put myself through after the operations that I've had.

"I want to continue for a long time. I don't want to see myself going into a year with the Euros next year and wondering what's going to happen. I see myself playing way, way beyond that," said Keane