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Revolutionary change not on cards for Brazil

GIOVANNI Trapattoni spoke about change when he announced his squad for next week's friendly against Brazil at the Emirates -- but don't expect anything revolutionary.

Those who look to James McCarthy and expect a bright future might just be right but Trapattoni won't be rushing his best prospect into as position of responsibility out of synch with his experience.

Asked about the possibility that the Irish squad will now evolve and move on from the straight-laced 4-4-2 used throughout the South Africa campaign, Trapattoni was quick to point out some home truths.

"We try the players, they change the system. I have an idea that it's possible to change when players can adapt themselves to the change. It's not the system, it's the players. I can't put it in practice unless I have the players.

"At this moment, no, it's not possible to change. Maybe with (James) McCarthy when he becomes experienced, it's possible to change. Before me, the system was different, but Ireland lose. For me, it was important to look at a system and adapt it to the players. I have used many, many systems, not always 4-4-2."

Asked whether he considered any of the offers which came his way over the last few months and why he chose to stick with Ireland, he offered a frank response. "I had some speculation but it was nothing. I think we have a good team and in the last year our team played well for me, with a good mentality," he said. "My only doubt is the depth of the squad. But this team can begin again and I'm sure of what we did last year. I saw it."

Trapattoni took some steps in the direction of addressing the issue of depth by naming McCarthy, Marc Wilson and Greg Cunningham in his squad. "I said in the past that for the future, we need other potential players, like McCarthy, Cunningham and others. We need to see them play a few games. We ask Mancini about Cunningham and he says he has a good mentality.

"McCarthy can play right, left. I saw him two or three times. I'd like to ask him which position he likes. He can play behind the striker, sometimes left, sometimes right -- we need to look at his quality and personality.

"Sure he has talent -- like Rivera, Mazzola, they became very great with experience. They had good quality. It's important when this personality develops. He's fast and confident on the ball. He could be important for us."


"Yes, there was a danger that he could go to Scotland. If we speak too much about players, the other countries would be there waiting.

"They are on standby and one is particularly good. I won't say his name," he said with a laugh, almost certainly referring to Jamie O'Hara.

"It's important we start this friendly game well, we could have space in this game. I will start with the seniors and maybe change during the game.

"In the last three months, we met with the best and the famous, like France, Italy, and now Brazil. After Brazil, we can make an example of what we did in these three games -- we can think about our quality and our performance and also the new possibilities for the next qualification.

Trapattoni could shed no light on the fate of Steven Reid and appears to be at odds with Sam Allardyce. "He has no injury. He only played a few times in FA Cup. Why? He's on the bench, he don't play. Why?" said Trapattoni.