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Respect - Trap calls for cool heads in party zone

IT'S ten years to the day Ireland qualified for World Cup 2002 in Tehran and tonight, Giovanni Trapattoni will lead a new generation of Irish heroes to glory with one word in their minds - respect.

"We must respect first, the people coming to the stadium who have paid for the tickets and made great sacrifices to follow us; second, our opponent and the lastly our own professionalism," said Trapattoni.

A sell-out Lansdowne Road is gearing up for a huge party but the players have their feet firmly planted on the ground, thanks to constant reminders from the manager.

"He has been saying it now since we got back from Tallinn. We must have respect for ourselves and for Estonia.

"We must show the right mentality and professionalism and go for the win," said Richard Dunne.

Skipper Robbie Keane revealed that he rejected pleas from Galaxy boss Bruce Arena to return, claiming that he was never going to miss a night like this.

"It's still halfway. I can still come in and try my best. The country means everything to me. I would never not turn up," he said.