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Republic of telly

THE DVD player is certain to become a key player for Giovanni Trapattoni in his preparations for the Euro 2012 finals as the Ireland boss has again defended his policy of spending his weekends in front of the TV instead of attending club games involving his players.

With no direct involvement with the Irish scene until the home friendly with Bosnia on May 26, it's all about the homework and groundwork for Trapattoni between now and then, and he fulfilled one of the early demands of UEFA by attending a conference for the coaches of the competing teams in Warsaw yesterday.

The Ireland boss has repeatedly been criticised for his long-established habit of not spending his weekends attending club games involving his players, but instead updating himself on TV.

"My time is always on DVD, DVD, DVD, it's impossible to be everywhere," said Trapattoni when asked how many games he watches each week.

"I watch in London or Liverpool or Manchester but I can see only one game. Many of our players play in the Championship and it's important that I review the little details because the little details are very important for me," added Trap, who will also wear out the pause and rewind button on his DVD player when assessing the opposition which Ireland will face in June.


"It's not easy to play against these great players but I study on DVD what it's possible to do. They have many great players but in my life I have learned that in football, in 90 minutes, anything is possible.

"Spain lost a friendly game in Switzerland and that gives us confidence about a result. It's possible to dream," said the Ireland boss, who again invoked the spirit of 2004 and Greece's triumph as underdogs as a possible omen for Ireland's chances.

"Greece won it before so in football everything is possible. Every country has the possibility to dream," he said. "We know we have a very tough group, they are all strong teams. In books, you are the last but in 90 minutes you can be in a better position."

In terms of his squad makeup, Trapattoni was clear on the position of Richard Dunne as he expects the Aston Villa man to have recovered from injury before the end of the club season, something that would be a huge boost to the squad.

"I was in touch with him," said Trap in relation to Dunne.

"He is sure he will be ready before the last two games of the season but he could come with us (a) week before the rest and then he can train, it will be important that he will be ready also (for) the last game for his club.


"He told me he will be ready before the end of the season. Our doctor is in touch with him. He said Richard will be probably 90 percent ready before the last game."

As for James McClean, he's one of those name-checked by Trap -- Norwich's uncapped midfielder Anthony Pilkington also got a mention -- but while the door is not closed on the Derryman, Trap reiterated his belief that McClean is one for the future and not necessarily one for June.

"Not only McClean but also others, we have Pilkington and other players at this moment," he said. "We follow him in many games. I know him very well. He is a good player, he is young, his mentality very strong. I have not decided if he can participate in the Euros or not. We regard him highly but we haven't made a decision.

"At the moment, we have a good situation. We have a good squad and there is good competition. We have McGeady, we have Duff and we have Hunt. We have many, many players in this position but we follow McClean."