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Reds' Donuts deal

MANAGING director Ian Ayre insists Liverpool are top of the league when it comes to commercial deals and are able to compete financially with their major rivals.

The Reds yesterday announced a multi-million pound global partnership with American company Dunkin' Donuts.

Ayre said income from such partnerships would afford manager Brendan Rodgers the chance to build the best squad he was able to.

"In order to support Brendan, we have to provide the resources to allow that," said Ayre. "That is only allowable operating within your own means – they are the rules we have all signed up to – and this is absolutely vital in us being able to compete.

"In the modern game, we talk about financial fair play and the ability to operate in transfer markets, and a big part of doing what we want to achieve here is generating revenue which supports what we do on the pitch.

"Fans are interested in seeing the team win matches and the way we do that is by putting the best team out there every week."