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Redknapp's decision to quit QPR comes as no big surprise to me

FOR a number of weeks now I've been looking at Harry Redknapp and thinking that his time as a Premier League manager is almost up.

So it's not a big surprise to me that he has decided to walk away from QPR, the latest in a series of half chances and messy situations he has had to deal with.

Problems at Loftus Road crystallised around this transfer window when Redknapp tried to bring in Emmanuel Adebayor and if that is a measure of how desperate he was, he was very desperate indeed.

I feel sorry for Redknapp (pictured), a good manager whose credibility has ebbed away slowly but surely over the last few years. An ability to rehabilitate problem players has always been held up as his great strength but I'll bet he hates the image.

He would much happier to be known for his ability to manage great players but when you're operating in the margins, you sometimes have to take what you can get.

Every relegation battle removed some of Redknapp's great passion for football and watching him after games this season, I got the feeling he was ready to throw his hat at management. I was right.