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Redfearn: 'Cellino is fantastic for Leeds'


Massimo Cellino

Massimo Cellino

Massimo Cellino

Leeds head coach Neil Redfearn is confident Massimo Cellino's legal fight with the Football League will end in the club owner's favour.

Cellino is still in talks with his lawyers but has said he will appeal against the League's decision to disqualify him under its 'owners' and directors' test'.

The League announced its decision on Monday after receiving further evidence from the court in Sardinia, which convicted Cellino of tax evasion in March. The Italian has until December 15 to lodge his appeal.

Leeds said in a statement in response to the League's ruling that the decision would destabilise the club, but Redfearn said this week's events had had little effect on the players as they prepared for Saturday's Sky Bet Championship game at Ipswich.

"No I don't think so," Redfearn told a press conference at Thorp Arch. "I know Massimo's here for the long haul. He's absolutely fantastic for this football club.

"I'm buying right into what he wants to do, right the way from when I was in charge of the academy and where he said he wanted to take the club and we're still on that path. He's got to take great credit for that. Whatever issues there are, I'm sure they'll be sorted out."

When asked if the uncertainty over Cellino's future made life difficult for the players and his staff, Redfearn replied: "No.

"We're in this process of building, he wants to build a side that can go and compete and play in the Premier League.

"He wants to take the club back to where it belongs and I'm pleased to be part of this process.

"We come up here to Thorp Arch and lose ourselves in training and what we do through the week. We can't affect anything else that goes on. We're mindful of guarding the players against everything else, but that takes care of itself anyway.

"I'm confident it will go in the right direction for us. But the players are focussed. We've got a young group and what you get with young players is enthusiasm about their training.

"They look forward to training as much as they love playing, so they're great to work with."