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Rebel Tevez flies into further trouble

CARLOS TEVEZ will be in breach of his contract yet again and liable for another two-week fine unless the striker - who arrived in Buenos Aires on an unscheduled visit yesterday - attends training in Manchester today.

Tevez was granted yesterday off but was due in this morning to continue training with City's reserves and youth teams, after being told he would need to apologise to manager Roberto Mancini for his behaviour during a Champions League game with Bayern Munich if he is to play for the club again.

Yet the striker landed in Buenos Aires yesterday, clutching daughter Florencia and informing reporters he had travelled home "to relax for a few days".

It is believed, though, that the 27-year-old had twice been refused permission by the club to return to Argentina. The player's representatives sought approval for the journey over the weekend and Tevez himself asked on Monday. Both requests were turned down.

Tevez will be liable to the same fine as any player who does not train without a valid explanation: two-weeks' wages. That will mean the striker is destined to pay the full four-weeks' wages, around £1m, he was originally docked for insubordination in Bavaria. The player yesterday accepted a reduced punishment for that offence.

A City statement said: "Carlos returned from his recent trip to Argentina and was not match-fit. The coaches therefore devised a training plan to return him to full fitness. Carlos is part way through that plan and is due to resume his training tomorrow morning at Carrington following a rest day today."

Tevez had initially been informed by the club's internal disciplinary panel that he would be forced to forego a month's salary -- worth a little shy of £1m -- for five breaches of contract, but that was halved after the intervention of the Professional Footballers' Association.


The striker had until yesterday evening to contest that final punishment.

Though Tevez's affairs are always clouded in uncertainty -- City believed the deadline for his decision was 5pm, but the player's camp indicated it was as late as 8pm -- it appeared he intended to abide by the reduced fine.

The club's disciplinary procedure against another former captain, Kolo Touré, ran more smoothly, with the Ivorian accepting a fine of six weeks' wages for failing a drugs test after the Manchester derby at Old Trafford last February.

Touré, who had taken his wife's slimming pills without the knowledge of the club's doctors after convincing himself he was overweight, was suspended for six months after testing positive for a prohibited substance, during which time City continued to pay his wages.

It remains to be seen how long the 30-year-old stays at the club, with Paris St-Germain believed to be preparing an offer. Likewise, Tevez continues to search for a possible refuge from his ostracism.