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Randolph: It's right to take stand


Darren Randolph

Darren Randolph

Darren Randolph

Ireland keeper Darren Randolph says he gives his full backing to any athlete who takes a stand on the Black Lives Matter issue.

Randolph, who worked with new Ireland boss Stephen Kenny for the first time at today's training session in Dublin, has a clear interest in events across the Atlantic as his dad, Ed, is an American who came to Ireland to play basketball professionally and stayed on in this country.

Darren says he has managed to steer clear of the racist messages which have been directed at international team-mate Cyrus Christie but he is focused on the issue.

"I've never had anything experiences on the training ground like Cyrus has mentioned. Again, I can only speak of my experiences from when I was younger, growing up.

"I'm not black and English, I'm black and Irish, so I can't say I've received or heard anything from any of the fans when I've been playing," he says.

"It's a situation that is obviously not going to go away anytime soon. When the whole George Floyd incident happened, there have been several incidents afterwards.

"So therefore the message still hasn't sunk in. People haven't been educated on it properly. I am fully behind every athlete who wants to act and get behind the movement. I have seen a lot of stuff that has gone on in America.

"So I totally understand why they do what they do, because as much as we can talk about how racism is in the past, one incident can come up and a few days later it seems to go away, then another couple of months go by and something happens again.

"I think now is the time for that message to stick around and actually try and make a change and get something done about it," he added.