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Rambling Trap leaves everyone mystified after 'black' comment

GIOVANNI TRAPATTONI is now failing in a fundamental of management and appears unable to communicate properly with the outside world.

The Ireland boss almost walked himself into a storm during a rambling and mostly incoherent pre-match media session before tonight's friendly international against Greece.

While trying to explain the fashion in the Premier League for flying wing-backs, Trapattoni said: "Near the line the winger, many players, many black players . . . they are very fast."

In the current environment where even a hint of disparagement towards ethnic groups is totally unacceptable, Trapattoni walked a thin line and left FAI minders scrambling to explain his words.

Trapattoni's usual interpreter, Manuela Spinelli, was unavailable and the task fell to FAI press officer Peter Sherrard, who looked as baffled as everyone else during a confused 30-minute press conference.