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Rafa takes friendly fire as pressure grows on Glazers

RAFA Benitez is facing a player mutiny at Anfield following comments by Albert Rieira which leave no doubt about the rift forming between coach and players.

Instead of focusing minds on Lille and protecting a 1-0 first-leg lead in the Europa Cup tonight, Benitez is now fighting for his job.

But if Benitez has problems, they are no worse than those likely to be experienced by the Glazer family if they follow through on the latest speculation surrounding Old Trafford and increase season ticket prices yet again.

Already fending off a wave of popular support behind the 'Yellow and Green' campaign, the Glazers appear to be set on a course which will hike season tickets for the fifth successive year. Since they bought the club, ticket prices have increased by an average of 48% and by almost 70% in specific parts of the ground.

And with momentum gathering behind the Red Knights and increasingly irate supporters groups, another ticket hike seems suicidal.

Benitez's position at Anfield is now under serious threat following Riera's extraordinary outburst about his manager's communication skills, comments which throw a new light on Robbie Keane's excruciating spell on Merseyside.

"I've been here two years and I know how Benitez is. He's never sorted out a situation with a player by talking with him. He thinks he's in charge and everything else falls on deaf ears. His dialogue with the players is practically nil," claimed Rieira.