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Pressure is all on Ireland to get win: Hutton


ASTON Villa man Alan Hutton (pictured) is ready for one of the biggest games of his international career in Dublin tomorrow (KO 5.0).

Hutton has already talked up the Ireland-Scotland clash as a good chance to test himself against Villa team-mate Shay Given and he's aware of what's at stake.

"This game will definitely be up there with any game I've played for Scotland - it's one of the biggest games, with everything so tight in the group," said Hutton.

"I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is certainly a little bit extra when it comes to the rivalry at international level; when you are playing England or Ireland, it feels different.

"Everyone knows how important the game is and I'd imagine there will be nervous moments. It will be about who can deal with it better.

"Will it be a battle? That's normal. When you look at games between Scotland, England and Ireland, we are all very passionate. We know what is at stake and we want to do well."

Because of the Group D table, Sotland two points ahead of Ireland, there's more of an onus on the home side to win on the home side tomorrow, he says.

"I would say there is probably more pressure on them than us," said the Aston Villa defender.

"They are at home and will be expected to come out and play well and beat us.

"A lot of the pressure will be on them to do that. If we stick to our own game and play as we have been for the last while, I think we can cause them a lot of problems.

"Were we to win then it would be tough for them.

"I know there are a lot of games still to be played and I would never say never but the points (difference) would be difficult to make up.

"So we know what is at stake and we want to do well.

"A lot of the boys play against each other and you want the bragging rights.

"This game will be no different. It won't be anything over the top - we just want to win."

Hutton has an added insight into Ireland captain Robbie Keane as the pair were team-mates at Tottenham.

"Robbie is a fantastic player and he is up there as one of the best I've played with," says Hutton.

"You know what you are getting with him and he has had a great goalscoring career."