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Pope unaware tweet could be anti-Semitic


Tom Pope

Tom Pope

Tom Pope

Port Vale striker Tom Pope has apologised over a tweet he sent at the weekend, insisting he was "unaware" it could be perceived as anti-Semitic.

The player was asked on Twitter to "predict the WWIII result" after scoring in his side's 4-1 FA Cup defeat to Manchester City.

His reply, which was later deleted, read: "We invade Iran then Cuba then North Korea then the Rothchilds (sic) are crowned champions of every bank on the planet."

A statement from Pope published by his club yesterday stated that he was "unaware of any link between the Rothschild family and the Jewish community".

The club said that the English Football Association had asked them for Pope's observations regarding the tweet and that the club were conducting an internal investigation in parallel to the FA's enquiries.

A statement from Pope published on Port Vale's website read: "Following the reaction to my response on Twitter about the Rothschilds, I was unaware of any link between the Rothchild family and the Jewish community."