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Poch: We must improve


Harry Kane

Harry Kane

Harry Kane

Mauricio Pochettino says every player at Tottenham is aware of the need to improve if they are to compete for big things this season.

Spurs let a two-goal lead slip away to Olympiacos on Wednesday night and had to settle for a 2-2 draw in a case of deja vu after an identical scenario at Arsenal earlier this month. Harry Kane admitted he could understand the frustration of his manager, saying: "He's been here for six years now and we're still making similar mistakes to the ones we were in his first year."

Pochettino, said: "They are so free to talk in the way they want to talk, but most important is we share the same opinion in private that we need to improve and I think all the players in the squad feel the same that we need to improve if we are to be a contender for big things."

After the match in Greece, Pochettino talked about how training maybe needed to be "psychologically harder" but appeared to back track on this when looking ahead to a trip to King Power against Leicester.

He added: "I think I wanted to say to keep the level we showed, the concentration and the focus we showed in the first half of Crystal Palace - that is the challenge to show the rest of the season."

Tottenham scored four times in the opening 45 minutes of last weekend's 4-0 victory at home to Roy Hodgson's side to put an inconsistent first month of the campaign behind them.

Yet a sluggish start in Athens against Olympiacos suggested Spurs are not quite back to their best.