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Paraguay return as heroes but also find some knockers

PARAGUAY's World Cup heroes were winners after all, as a huge homecoming in the South American country's capital, Asuncion, awaited them.

However, as Paraguayan supremo Fernando Lugo was dishing out the medals, for their achievements in reaching the quarter-finals in South Africa, Paraguay captain Justo Villar criticised FIFA for giving the World Cup to South Africa, claiming the country was not prepared to host the tournament. He said: "I think South Africa weren't prepared to host the World Cup. A mountain of things happened. Like in the first game, against Italy, when we had to go to the hotel, the bus broke down - a new bus - and we had to wait 45 minutes and we had to go in taxis. FIFA only care about the stadiums and what you see on TV." Like President Lugo, another Paraguayan who maximised her publicity as World Cup fever hit was model Larissa Riquelme, who was pictured (again!) cheering on her team last Saturday.