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O'Shea: It's how we react to thrashing by Germany that counts

JOHN O'Shea has backed the Lansdowne Road boo boys and admitted that he was surprised the whole stadium didn't join in while Germany cut loose and cooked Giovanni Trapattoni's goose.

"I would say that they were exactly right to do it -- I'm surprised the whole stadium did not do it when you lose 6-1.

"When you come to watch a team to try to get a win and it loses 6-1, it's not the result that you want and you are not going to be happy."

However, O'Shea still thinks that Trapattoni's the man to lead Ireland and that he will get a performance against the Faroes which will show that his players are still behind him.

"Well, that's the beauty of sport, people are allowed their opinion. We will see how the players respond tomorrow. We have to put a performance back in to get ourselves back in with a chance of qualifying from the group.

"If we do that then we will be able to go forward. It was not nice to be part of the 6-1 defeat the other night but, look, in football Manchester City beat Manchester United 6-1 last season and United beat Arsenal 8-2 around the same time.

"They were both high quality teams so it happens in football. It's how you react to it that counts."

O'Shea and the rest of the players are more than aware that Ireland's hardcore fans were badly wounded by such an inept and spiritless performance against Germany and he is happy that there's another game to play so quickly after that record defeat.

"Thankfully this game has come around really quickly and we can get three qualifying points towards qualifying for the World Cup. We are still massively disappointed by how it went the other night.

"But this game comes around fast and if we get the win then we will have six points from two games. We cannot forget about the other night but hopefully we can move on from it.

"The games that decide qualification won't be the Germany matches, they are going to be Austria and Sweden, although that's not forgetting about Kazakhstan or the Faroe Islands either.

"The Faroes have proven to be very difficult opponents already for other teams in the group but we have to be aiming to at least finish in the play-off place.

"If you want to do that then you have to be beating these teams. What the manager has said based on what we achieved over the last few years in qualifying for the Euros and almost qualifying for the World Cup, that is what we want to get back to.

"It's a team game, we win as a team and lose as a team.

"A defeat like that is not what you want to be part of, whether you are captain or not."