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Only City look able to stop Red dynasty

Top two in Premier League streets ahead of all the other clubs


Liverpool fans pose for a photo with the Bill Shankly statue outside Anfield

Liverpool fans pose for a photo with the Bill Shankly statue outside Anfield

Liverpool fans pose for a photo with the Bill Shankly statue outside Anfield


The bad news for the rest of the Premier League, outside of the top two, is that no one looks ready to challenge Liverpool or Manchester City next season.

Today is the second full day of celebrations for Liverpool supporters after the league was won on Thursday night and you'd imagine that Manchester City will be a bit bruised after losing the league title. But they are the two best teams in England, and in Europe.

They are better than anything else in Europe right now and it's good for anyone who is a football fan to have those two teams now at the stage they are at. If the two managers stay and if they keep the squads they have, with a bit of strengthening, it's only Liverpool and City who will be battling for the Premier League for the next couple of years.

Even with an Everton background, I love watching this Liverpool team, they are just so exciting to watch. Sometimes you have to park your own loyalties or your own assumptions and appreciate a good football team. They have a great style about them, play with real energy and determination but have some real skill behind it as well. If you love football, you like watching good football and Liverpool are producing some of the best football we've seen for some time and you do wonder how much more there is to come from them.

As if they needed any more plus points from this season, the good thing from a Liverpool point of view is not just the senior players they have, but the younger ones they have on the way up.

Yet Jurgen Klopp won't just give young players games, they need to earn it. I watched Neco Williams and Harvey Elliott when they came off the bench in the win over Crystal Palace in midweek and they looked like proper players, like they deserved to be there.

Managers sometimes throw on a young player for the sake of it, it looks good for them to be giving academy graduates a run-out, especially in the Premier League.

I don't see Klopp doing that. He won't give an 18-year-old a game because it's a nice thing to do, or because it's good exposure for them so the club can sell them on.

Klopp will do it because he feels they are ready, that they can contribute to the team and to be in his side, even on his bench, you have to be at a certain level.

And, from what I saw against Palace ,those two are ready so he is blooding them as the next generation, for the next challenge, of retaining the league title, winning in Europe again.

What he has created there is something that can be long-lasting. The senior players set the standards in the dressing room, they will place demands on those young players who come into the team or join in training, that they are not star-struck, they need to show they deserve to be there and match the standards of the likes of Mo Salah, Jordan Henderson and James Milner.

At Manchester United in their glory years, it was the players who were already there who set the standards for the rest, showed the way forward, showed the others how to behave as a Man United player and how to win things.

That's something Alex Ferguson would have spent years working on at the start, building that ethos all the way through and then getting his leading players to impose that ethos on new players or younger players.

In his early days, Ferguson had to correct people in that United dressing room in terms of how they behaved and acted, but over time he had people in his dressing room who could oversee things for newcomers.

And Klopp has that now at Liverpool. Players buy into it and the ones who are there already won't drop their standards and they challenge any new player to meet their standards.

Anyone coming into that Liverpool squad over the next year will clearly be a good player as Klopp has bought them, but you need to have an intensity, a workrate and an attitude to make you fit in.

He has a squad in place, he has young players who can do even more next season as they compete on all fronts. It's a good time to be a Liverpool fan and, apart from Manchester City, it's hard to see where a challenge will come from.