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O'Neill: Ireland must have a real go

MARTIN O'Neill has promised that Ireland will 'give it a right go' when they face off against World Champions Germany in Gelenskirchen tomorrow evening.

More than a little surprised by Germany's 2-0 defeat at the hands of Poland in Warsaw, O'Neill (below) wants his players to enjoy a game against the best players on the planet.

"Number one, let's relish it and two give it a go.

"If we get turned over in the match and we've had a real go in the game then I think I could possibly live with that.

"If we've sat in all night long and if we're driven back, that's a different thing from just sitting in.

"If we've sat in all evening and then got done because we've not made a go of it, I wouldn't see any point in that and that's been the story of my career.

"The most important thing to come out of the Gibraltar game is that we've got the six points and we're going there.

"We'll be flying with some confidence. Hopefully, that confidence is not misplaced."