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O'Gorman keen to take on Glasgow


Áine O'Gorman

Áine O'Gorman

Áine O'Gorman

As Peamount United return to the European stage after a long absence, Ireland international Aine O'Gorman insists the side won't use their amateur status as an excuse when they face up to the daunting prospect of outwitting Scottish side Glasgow City tomorrow.

The 2020/21 Champions League campaign begins this week after previous attempts to start it in August and October were scuppered by Covid-19.

The nature of the contest has changed, this tie a one-off game with expectation very much on the side of Glasgow City, a full-time outfit packed with senior internationals (including Ireland caps Tyler Toland and Clare Shine) who made the quarter-finals last season.

For O'Gorman it brings back memories of a Champions League tussle with Paris St-Germain in 2011, the French side winning 5-0 on aggregate in the round of 32. The Dublin outfit have been in Europe just once since then and despite the gap in resources, O'Gorman is determined to make the most of the opportunity.

"At the time we played PSG their physical fitness was evident as they were a full-time club and we were amateur, but we are in a different position now," she says. "We are an amateur club but everyone has a professional attitude, we are at peak fitness, we go into the game nice and relaxed and hopefully we'll leave nothing on the pitch.

"I don't think it's an impossible task, if we play the way we can it's doable, they are a really good side, you don't get to the quarter-finals of the Champions League for no reason.

"I think we're probably a little bit off that at the moment but I think it's something that we should look to be aspiring to, that the clubs in the league can go at least semi-professional and then kick on to have professional set-ups."