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Nowhere to hide as Feds target FIFA corruption

EVEN more pressure was heaped on a crisis-ridden FIFA today with calls for the hosting of the next two World Cup finals to be taken away from Russia and Qatar.

And the English FA have added their influential voice to the demands for embattled FIFA president Sepp Blatter (pictured) to step down.

Former UEFA president Lennart Johnasson has been a critic of Blatter since the Swiss national defeated Johnasson in the election for FIFA president in 1998 but today, the Swede has said the hosting rights for 2018 and 2022 have to be reexamined in the light of evidence about bribery and corruption in FIFA.

"I expect they will reconsider the World Cup decisions. Blatter himself has said that the decision to go east wasn't proper. I am sure the initiative will now be taken to make a new decision," said Johansson. He suggested that England now be asked to host either the 2018 or 2022 finals, though Russian president Vladimir Putin has come out in defence of his nation's right to host the 2018 tournament - the draw for those qualifiers takes place in Russia in just six weeks with Ireland boss Martin O'Neill planning to attend.

Meanwhile, English FA chairman Greg Dyke says Blatter, who is expected to secure re-election tomorrow, should quit.. "Sepp Blatter has to go. He either has to go through a resignation, or he has to be out-voted or we have to find a third way, "Dyke said today.

"I think the time has come where the damage this has done to FIFA is so great that it can't be rebuilt while Blatter is there so UEFA has got to try to force him out."