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No second best for Lindegaard

ANDERS LINDEGAARD will not rock the Manchester United boat if he remains David de Gea's stand-in - but he has no intention of settling for second best either.

De Gea has already been promised the starting berth for Sunday's Old Trafford showdown with Chelsea, a recognition of the improvements he has made already after a shaky start to his United career.

There are some who felt Lindegaard was unlucky to be overlooked when the real games began though, given the Dane's impressive performances during pre-season. He said: "I don't feel I will always be second choice. I am never going to complain about competition. It is like that in all positions with United. That is how it should be."

He added: "The difference is there is only room for one goalkeeper in the team, unless the manager picks me as a forward, and somehow I can't see that.

"My opinion does not matter. I accept the manager's choice every time. He is the best manager in the world and I will always respect his decisions. But I am not here to just get my money. I want to be respected as a great football player."

It is not so much Lindegaard is accusing Ferguson of being wrong, more that he intends to prove it.

There are silver linings to being a United's back-up keeper. Being part of the set-up for some of the biggest games is one. When the Dane does play, he knows it will be in front of a huge crowd.

It could also be pointed out Ben Foster and Tomasz Kuszczak both played in - and won - Carling Cup finals, the former man scooping a man-of-the-match prize against Tottenham in 2009.

But, put this to Lindegaard and you are met by a steely stare and an unequivocal response.

"If you expect me to say I am happy to be number two that is not how it is," he said. "I am here because I want to be number one."