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NDSL stars of the future

THE NDSL are running a June Blitz at the Oscar Traynor Centre on Saturday 1st June.

The blitz is for kids born in 2006/2007 only. The NDSL is aware of all the hard work being put in by our clubs at the youngest level. This is an opportunity to allow the kids to experience playing other clubs for the first time in a fun and competitive environment. The Blitz is limited to 8 teams and each team gets to play 4 matches each. Refreshments will be available and there will be free draw on the day for a "Jimmy Ball Trainer" x 2 between the competing teams. For more details ring Dave on 087-6880316 or email gameball4fun@hotmail.com

Notice to all clubs

The league will not accept any club re-arranging games with other clubs without official sanction from Gary Tolan. Otherwise games will be null and void.

Re: June Bank Holiday

There will be no SSG games from 8 to 10 yrs of age other than Cup Games. There will be a full set of fixtures for 11 to 18 yrs of age on both bank holidays.

Notice to all Referees

Any referee who is not available for their games needs to contact Declan Quinn at

086-7379312/ dec.quinn@gmail.com or via the League office at 01-8488802. Referee's are not to arrange other referee's to cover their games nor are the Clubs to contact other referees as placements. This must go through the referee allocator.

NDSL Cup Finals

Will take place on the 25th/26th May 2013. Please note that if there's a clash of colours at the final the home team will have to change their colours. To avoid this happening, please contact your opposition to check their colours.

9 A –Side Football

Minimum size of pitch 50 x 70

No off side rule

Kick out anywhere inside the 12 yard box off

Back pass rule applies in 9-A-Side Football

7-a-side Goal Posts

Penalties to be taken 10 yards from goal line

Duration of game 30 minutes each way

U8 5-A-Side – Ball size 3

U10 7-A-Side

Kick out anywhere inside the penalty box

Back pass rule applies

Recommended pitch sizes

5x5 40 yards by 30 yards

7x7 60 yards by 40 yards

9x9 80 yards by 50 yards

These should be the official size of the pitch

Ball Sizes are as follows

Under 8's size 3

Under 9, 10, 11 & 12 Size 4

Under 13-18's Size 5

League Cups

Half fee each team

No extra time result to stand at end of normal time


As agreed at our monthly meeting, all Club Secretaries will forward all results to their relative Fixture Secretaries

Academy Managers Contact Numbers:

U10's Chris Brennan @ 086-4038730

U11's Martin Percilio @ 086-0644440

U12's Neale Fenn @ 087-6371718

U13's Gareth McMullen @ 083-3656949

U14's Paul Colgan @ 086-8127389

U15's Gavin Fleming @ 086-2338944

U16's Kevin Mac Sweeney @ 087-2854808

Youths 17/18 John Morgan @ 087-0522999

NDSL Fixture Sec & Referee Contacts

Under 8 9 10 Dave Davis 087 6880316 gameball4fun@hotmail.com Do not contact before 12pm

11-A-Side Co-ordinator Mr Gary Tolan gartol@eircom.net Do not contact before 4.00pm

Under 11 Gary Tolan 087 225 1495 gartol@eicom.net Do not contact before 4.00pm

Under 12 & 16's Mr Brendan Renwick 0861016878 renwickbrendan@gmail.com

Under 13 15 Melvis Eboh 087 6299702 melndsl@hotmail.com Do not contact before 5.30pm

Under 14 Dave Connick 0872395187 dconnick@live.com

Under 17 18 John Burke 0868810281 jburkendsl@gmail.com

Referee Allocator all Football Mr Declan Quinn 0867379312 dec.quinn@gmail.com

Will either Secretaries or Manager's please text results to all relative League Secretaries?

Metropolitan fixture Sec and Referee contact

Declan Quinn 086 737 9312 dec.quinn@gmail.com please do not contact before 5.30pm

MGL Academy Director

Ben O Looney 0872825841 benolooney@eircom.net

Photo ID

Photo ID by appointment only. Please contact Grace McAuley on 083-3619230


All Trophies must be returned by 31st March 2013. If they are not returned by this date, you will be fined €50 per week until returned.

School Trips

If clubs do not notify the League at least 2 weeks in advance of school trips, you will forfit the game if you do not fulfil the fixture. We also require a letter on headed paper from the school outlining how many players are travelling on the trip.