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My WAY or ...

RUTHLESS Jose Mourinho has told unhappy fringe players that they must put up and shut up when he calls on them to take one for the team.

Chelsea travel to Stoke tonight with Manchester City only behind them at the top of the Premier League on goal difference and Mourinho believes that a tight ship is vital if they are to return to the top.

"The reality is that, to be professional and work at a high level, you don't need to be happy. Mark Schwarzer hasn't played a second but if he has to play tomorrow he would be ready."

"I just put the team up. Do I explain it? No," said the Portuguese.

"It's my decision. Players may not be happy or not agree with the decision, but they know my decision is not to favour somebody or to punish somebody.

"It's not difficult for me to leave players out. Everybody has to be ready to sacrifice for the team, to give everything for the team, not to be selfish.

"If they ask me to explain, no problem. If they ask, I'll explain. I had one who asked, knocking on my door asking why someone else was playing instead of him. I said he was playing better, closed door, goodbye."