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Murray dreams of glory

SHAMROCK Rovers are chasing a €3.5millon jackpot when they take on Danish side FC Copenhagen in the Champions League tonight, but for Hoops captain Dan Murray it's all about the dream of European glory.

Should Rovers overcome the 1-0 deficit from the first leg in Denmark and make it into the play-off round of the Champions League - where they could play the likes of Arsenal or Bayern Munich - they will pocket at least €3.5m in UEFA money and also a guaranteed place in the Europa League group stages.

"There is huge money at stake but the players aren't thinking about that," says Murray.

"There is pressure from within and it's that dream, that you could make it through to the group stages of the Champions League or the Europa League, that's where all the money is and it would be nice to get there.

"Ever since I have been playing in Europe, you were always hoping that you could be part of the team that made it into the group stages of a big European competition, and if that happened to a team I wasn't part of, then I'd be massively jealous.

"That's the drive for us, especially the players who have played in European games.

"You want to judge yourself on the same basis as players who are paid massive amounts of money every week and this is our chance."